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Rationale for the study Significance of the study

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1. Rationale for the study

Globalization and integration is an inevitable trend in today’s world. Any country that rejects this trend will soon be lagged behind in all major fields of social
life. But communication is successful only when the participants can understand each other. This cannot be achieved if nations with different languages never try to
understand the language of another. Therefore, the need for translation between languages is greater than ever before. And because English is an accepted
contemporary international language, more and more documents in other languages are being translated into it. These are documents of all fields: politics, economics,
culture, etc. But when can a translation be considered ‘good’ still draws much discussion. Translation theorists have their own founded criteria for translation
quality assessment. Among distinguished scholars of this field is Julian House, a German linguist, with her model for translation quality assessment.
On its route to international economic integration, Vietnam has to make many new laws as objectively required. Laws in Vietnamese obviously have legal validity.
But reliable English versions of these laws are desirable to foreign investors before and on coming to do business in Vietnam. Though these English versions do not have
legal value, they should facilitate the process of understanding and obeying Vietnam’s laws of foreign enterprises. A good translation of a legal document will
mitigate misinterpretations and misapplications. Of the most recently enacted laws in Vietnam, the Law on Investment of 2005,
number 592005QH11 is one that has received much attention and discussion. The Law has been translated into English by several translators. An assessment of the
English version of this law is thus desirable.

2. Significance of the study

The results of this study will help test the quality of the English translation of the Law on Investment 2005 of Vietnam under the model developed by the German
linguist House, and suggest any timely changes should there be to limit avoidable misunderstandings by foreign investors in interpreting the law.
Besides, the study will also propose some suggestions concerning the translation of Vietnamese authoritative legal documents into English.
3. Scope and objectives of the study 3.1. Scope of the study

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