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BBR3464. A trinuclear platinum clinical agent

BBR3464. A trinuclear platinum clinical agent

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Nonlinear Optical Properties of Metal Complexes

does not lead to a continual, dramatic increase in , in marked contrast to the behavior of related

purely organic NLO chromophores.79

EFISHG studies by Roberto et al. show that coordination of pyridines with the 4-substituentsNMe2, -t-Bu, -H, -COMe, or -CN to square planar cis-{MI(CO)2Cl} (M ¼ Rh/Ir) or octahedral

fac-{OsII(CO)3Cl2} centers increases by up to ca. 100-fold when compared with the free

pyridines.80,81 These studies provide further experimental confirmation for the hypothesis of

Kanis et al.79 concerning the ambivalent acceptor/donor role of pyridyl-coordinated metal carbonyl centers. Roberto et al. have also investigated more extended complexes such as (25)–(28)80;

note that these contain electron-donating 4-NMe2 groups and hence conjugation extension does

increase (albeit modestly). In contrast to the carbonyl complexes, no enhancement on

stilbazole complexation occurs in (29), and of the tetrahedral ZnII complexes (30)–(32), only the

chloride and trifluoroacetate show

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BBR3464. A trinuclear platinum clinical agent

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