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Chapter 11. Keys to Information Quality in Personal Web Pages

Chapter 11. Keys to Information Quality in Personal Web Pages

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Web Wisdom: How to Evaluate and Create Information Quality on the Web

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Figure 11.1  A personal home page. (Web page created by author.)

To analyze the various pages linked to this home page, it would be necessary to use the Checklist of Basic Elements as well as the appropriate individual


The “Who is The Mave?” link on the home page leads to information about the

creator of Mave’s Media Haven site and other background information about the site.

This type of information can help the user evaluate the authority and objectivity of

the site and its creator.

Use the list of questions found in the Checklist of Basic Elements when analyzing

a personal page. Application of the checklist questions to the Mave’s Media Haven

home page or to any other personal page can help determine the following:

Keys to Information Quality in Personal Web Pages

• Who is responsible for the material on the page

• Whether the material on the page is likely to be reliable, authoritative,

and trustworthy

• Whether the material at the site is relevant to the user’s information needs


to Information

12 Keys

Quality in Entertainment

Web Pages

Keys to Recognizing an Entertainment Web Page

The primary purpose of an entertainment Web page is to provide enjoyment to its

users by means of humor, games, music, drama, or other similar types of activities.

Examples of entertainment Web pages include pages that satirize other Web sites

or pages that offer games, jokes, or fan fiction. The URL (uniform resource locator)

address of the page may have a variety of endings depending on who is providing

the entertainment.

A “yes” answer to any of the following questions provides a good indication that

the page is an entertainment page. Does the page:

• Include games or other activities with the primary purpose of providing


• Include music, animation, or video intended primarily to entertain its users?

Entertainment Pages: A Note for Web Users

If the primary purpose of the page is entertainment, enjoy the page. However, pages

are not always created merely for entertainment; instead, they may also serve as a

vehicle for business, marketing, or educational purposes. Examples of pages that

perform these dual roles include ones that:

Promote a product or service

Promote a company’s public image

Teach an educational concept

Promote a TV or radio program or movie

Such additional underlying purposes do not make the entertainment offered less

enjoyable. However, Web users should, as they enjoy the entertainment, also be aware

of these possible underlying motives and their potential influence on the user.

Knowing why entertainment is provided on a Web site becomes particularly

important when children are targeted for marketing a product or for other promotional

efforts. In addition, ascertaining the authority of an entertainment provider is important when the payment of fees to the site is involved or when information is collected from a user, either openly via online registration forms and questionnaires,



Web Wisdom: How to Evaluate and Create Information Quality on the Web

Players progress is tracked via blinking icons

on the map and playing board

Each player can

name her/his whale

(game piece)

Government bodies responsible

for game indicated via logos

Educational information incorporated

into the game

Figure 12.1  Example of blending entertainment and educational content. (Reprinted

from U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA], National Marine

Sanctuaries, The migration game, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries, n.d.-a, http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/whales/main_page.html [accessed April 7, 2009].)

or transparently through the use of cookies. The procedure for evaluating a page

that utilizes entertainment as a tool for promoting something else is similar to that

discussed elsewhere in this book:

• Use the Checklist of Basic Elements to evaluate the page.

• Use additional checklists as appropriate.

For example, to evaluate Web pages that combine entertainment and product promotion, after first using the Checklist of Basic Elements, use the Business Checklist

to analyze additional business aspects of the pages. When entertainment is used to

convey information, consult the Informational Checklist as well as the Checklist of

Basic Elements.

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Chapter 11. Keys to Information Quality in Personal Web Pages

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