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Appendix Six. Ballads and Sonnets: Bibliographical Summaries

Appendix Six. Ballads and Sonnets: Bibliographical Summaries

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Unpublished and Excluded Sonnets

Notebook No. 3, p. 22

‘As much as in a hundred years

she’s dead

Yet is today the day on which she

died’ [dated verso ‘June 21 1879’]

p. 25

‘Is Memory most of miseries


Or the one flower of ease in bitterest


‘Or give ten years of life’s most

bitter wane

To see the loved one as she was

again.’ [lines 6–7]

Notebook No. 4, p. 32

‘Ah! if you had been lost for many


And from the dead today were

risen again.’

Duke III {printed PFB 1): 76}:

‘The glass stands empty of all

things it knew’

‘O thou whose name, being alone,


I utter oft, and though thou art not


Toward thine imaged presence kiss

the air.’

‘I saw the love which was my

life flow past

’Twixt shadowed reaches like a

murmuring stream

I was awake – and lo! it was a dream.’

‘Or give ten years of life’s most

bitter wane

To see the loved one as she was



(1) (2) DAM Box 22, folder ‘O thou whose name’

This unpublished, untitled and incomplete draft exists in two MSS versions

in the Bancroft Collection: the version given here is based on the fuller of the

two. As the MS Sources cited above show, the sonnet was built up from

various notebook entries over a period of perhaps nine years. The development of the poem from notebooks through two MS drafts, even though

aborted, reveals DGR’s usual methods of expanding departicularization and

fabricating an apparently ‘occasional’ sonnet from many sources.


1. The first draft, DAM(1), reads:

1 O thou whose name being alone


2 I utter oft, & though thou art not


3 Around this

pictured presence see the air

4 Lit as with starbreath, art thou

tow’rds me bow’d,

5 Who wd not for one bride-pulse

seek the shroud

6 Or give the years of

life’s most bitter wane

7 To see the loved one as she was


8 And Death with one more life go

plumed & proud?


The glass stands empty of all

things it knew/ Here in our


Appendix Eight

2. Revisions in DAM(2):

3 Perceive


Aye, vainly now poor wretch



yearn to yield thy life’s most


9 With many

erst was two:>/

Stand in this chamber, one

where erst were two:

12 < <> hath not

Memory here a> hath sweet

Memory here her

3. These MSS were described and

partly transcribed in PFB 3): 59–60

and in Wallerstein 1929: 283–84).

4. I have dated this sonnet 1880

because the latest notebook sources

are from that year and both penmanship and paper used confirm

an 1880 date, when DGR was

revising sonnets with a view to


including them in HL. The

watermarked paper used in both

drafts is identical with that for the

DAM MS of Found, which can be

dated 1881. The poem was

obviously left unfinished. It seems

both too unpolished and too

personal for HL; the dual second

person imperatives make it difficult

to know when the poet addresses

himself and when he speaks

rhetorically to his dead beloved. Yet

important themes and images from

the sequence appear here,

especially the motif of the Old Love

(24 & 36). Line 11 echoes the first

line of Sonnet 53, Without Her:

‘What of her glass without her?’ as

well as notebook fragments. If

published, Alone might have

troubled the biographical critics.

Despite the late date, references

here are far more suggestive of EES

than of JM. The dead beloved seems

to be one with the Old Love. Yet its

tone would place it in Part II of the

sequence, definitely postWillowwood, perhaps close to

Ardour and Memory (64).


of Works Cited or Consulted

Prefatory Note

There is neither a full bibliography of DGR nor any variorum ed.

of HL that compiles an exhaustive list of books, articles and notes

referring to it. The most helpful works are PRISM Sections 1 and 22–33,

the bibliographies in WEF (especially Vols II, V and IX), ALC, Gregory

1931, Ghose 1929, Fennell 1982 and the annual bibliographies reviewing the year’s work on Victorian poetry issued by various periodicals

such as VP, VS, YWES, JPRS and PMLA. McGann’s Rossetti Archive,

Tobin’s Pre-Raphaelite Critic website and Chaudburi’s LITIR database also provide extensive bibliographical information. Throughout

my text works from the list below are briefly cited using the author’s

last name, year of publication and page or letter numbers. References

to WEF, DW, Lang and Bryson are by letter number except where

page numbers are given for notes and non-DGR letters; Peattie letter

numbers are prefaced by ‘No.’

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Appendix Six. Ballads and Sonnets: Bibliographical Summaries

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