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Ms.Tưng entering the show biz

Ms.Tưng entering the show biz

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4. What was she doing in these videos?

5. Do the video become popular?

6. What did she start to have recently?

7. Where did she want to sing?

8. Who cancelled her show?

9. Was she allowed to sing as she planned?

10. What did she do last night?

11. What kind of clothes was she wearing?

12. Did she sing?

13. Does everyone like her?

14. Does it matter?

15. Why does it not matter?

Vietnamese rich man buys the world most expensive bed

A Vietnamese man is ordering a bed from UK. This bed is very expensive. It is US$ 175.000. It may be

the most expensive bed in the world. It looks like an old bed for kings and queens in 1660s. Therefore,

it is called Royal Bed. Hermes is the company that created this bed. The company said “There are only

60 units in the whole world. The first one was bought by a Chinese man”. Now mr. Le An, a Vietnamese

rich man is ordering it. Mr. Le An is now 75 years old. He has 6 wives. His latest wife is now 25 years old.

He said he has about 2.000 billion VND.



1. What is the man ordering?

2. Is the bed expensive?

3. How much is the bed?

4. Is it the most expensive bed in the world?

5. What does the bed look like?

6. What is it called?

7. What company created this bed

8. What did the company say?

9. How old is the man?

10. How many wives does he have?

11. How old is his latest wife?

12. How much money did he said he has?

The Voice for kids in Vietnam

The Voice is a popular show. It has a version for kids, too. Many kids participated in this show. There are

3 teams lead by 3 leaders. These leaders are very popular in the show biz. The kids will sing and people

will choose the best singer. Linh Lan participated in this contest, too. Last night, in the live show round,

she invited her 3 sisters to sing with her. There are 4 sisters in her family. The special thing is, they were

in the same age and they were all born at the same time.













Is The Voice popular?

Does it have a version for kid?

Did many kids participate in this show?

How many teams are there?

How many leaders lead the team?

Are these leaders popular in the show biz?

What will the kids do?

Who invited her 3 sisters to sing with her last night?

What is the special thing?

The first student received a score of 30

Many universities have already made their requirements public. This year, many students took the

exam to universities. Some of them passed the exam, some other didn’t.

Vo AnhKhoa is a student. He took an exam to a university, too. He passed his exam with a very high

score. His total score is 30. This is the highest score a student can get. So far, Vo AnhKhoa is the first

student who gets the score of 30.











What have the universities made public?

Did many students take the exam to universities this year?

Did every student pass?

What did the boy do?

Did he pass with a high score?

What is his total score?

Is that the highest score a student can get?

Is he the first student to get the score of 30?

Wanbi Tuan Anh passed over

Wanbi Tuan Anh was a singer. He was very popular in Vietnam. His most popular song was “Doi Mat”.

But he was unlucky. He got a serious problem with his health. He died last week when he was only 26

years old. Many people went to his funeral to see him the last time. Other people share their feelings

on Facebook. People feel sad as he has gone forever.




1. What did Wanbi Tuan Anh do?

2. Was he popular in Vietnam?

3. What is his most popular song?

4. Was he lucky?

5. Why was he not lucky?

6. When did he die?

7. How old was he when he died?

8. Did many people go to see him the last time?

9. What do people share on Facebook?

10. How do people feel?

5 m2 house in Hanoi

How big is your house? Well, there is a very small house in Hang Buom street. It is only 5 m2. Mr. Xuan

and his son are living in this house. People can not stand in this house as it is only 1.2 meters height.

They can only sit or lie down. If you want to change your clothes in this house, you can not do it while

standing as usual. Mr. Xuan said he has been living in this house since 1996. The house has become

even smaller when he had a baby. Since there is not enough room to put a table, his son has to put his

books on the floor when he studies.



1. What is there in Hang Buom Street?

2. How big is it?

3. Who are living in this house?

4. Can people stand in this house?

5. Why can’t they stand in this house?

6. What can they do in the house?

7. Can you stand as usual if you want to change your clothes?

8. When did Mr Xuan start living in this house?

9. Why did the house become smaller?

10. Is there enough room to put a table?

11. Where does his son have to put his books when he studies?

Teen girl earning 30 million VND a month

HoLanQuynh is a 2nd year student in a university. She is earning about 30 million VND a month by selling

foods. The special thing is she doesn’t serve food in day time. She only sells food in late evening. Many

people who go to bed late are hungry and they want to eat something. She posted her menu on the

internet. People can choose what they want and call her to order. She will deliver the food in less than

30 minutes. The price is from 10.000 to 50.000 VND per meal. It’s not cheap but in late night,

customers don’t have many choices.




1. Which year of college is the girl in?

2. How much is she earning a month?

3. How does she earn money?

4. What is the special thing?

5. When does she sell food?

6. Why does she sell food at night?

7. Where does she post her menu on?

8. How can people order if they want something?

9. How long will it take her to deliver the food?

10. How much is the price?

11. Is it cheap?

12. Do customers have many choices?

Bao Tran is not old enough to take photos in bikini

Who is your Vietnamese favourite model? To many young Vietnamese people, Bao Tran is the answer.

She is very cute. She has been a model when she was just 12 years old. Recently, she has just finished

her junior high school. Unlike many other models, she doesn’t appear in sexy clothes. It is because she

is still young now. A reporter asked her: “When will people see you in more sexy clothes?” She said “I

will take photos in bikini when I am 18 years old, not now”.










Is Bao Tran a favourite model to many young Vietnamese?

Is she cute?

When did she start to be a model?

Has she finished high school?

Does she appear in sexy clothes?

Why is it happen?

When will people see her in sexy clothes?

Big fish caught in Nghe An

A very big fish was caught by fishers in Nghe An. This fish is 2 meters long and about 400kg. It is so

heavy that it took a lot of people with big robes to carry. Since the fish was special, people didn’t eat it.

They brought it to the museum so that other people can see. The fishers had to use a loading truck to

bring the fish to the museum.



1. What did the fishers in Nghe An catch?










How long is the fish?

How heavy is the fish?

How did people carry the fish?

Did it take a lot of people?

Did people eat the fish?

Why did they not eat it?

What did they do to the fish?

What did the fishers use to bring the fish to the museum?

Hot girl Chi Pu and her scandal

Chi Pu is a hot girl in Vietnamese show biz. She is very cute. To young Vietnamese people, Chi Pu is very

popular. Recently she participated in a movie. Behind the scene, she took some photos. One of these

photos is very sexy. In this photo, she showed part of her boobs. Very soon, this photo became popular

on the internet. Many people commented on this photo. Chi Pu doesn’t usually wear sexy clothes. This

is the first time people see such a hot picture of her. On her Facebook, Chi Pu explained about this

scandal. She said this was an accident behind the scene. Her manager said sorry to Chi Pu and to the

community for this accident.



1. Is Chi Pu a hot girl in Vietnamese show biz?

2. Is she cute?

3. Is she popular to young Vietnamese people?

4. What did she do behind the scene?

5. Are these photos sexy?

6. What did she do in the photo?

7. Did the photo become popular?

8. What did people do on this photo?

9. Does she usually wear sexy clothes?

10. Is this the first time people see a hot picture of her?

11. What did she do on Facebook?

12. What did she say?

13. What did her manager do?

Electricity price increased by 5%

From 1st of August, electricity price has been increased by 5%. EVN said they had to increase the price

because its cost increased, too. This is not the first time EVN increased electricity price. Last year, they

increased the price by 5%, too. Many people were unhappy.



1. When did the electricity price increase?







How much did the price increase?

Why did EVN have to increase the price?

Is this the first time they increased electricity price

How much did the price increase last year?

Were people happy?

Vietnamese men cried when seeing their idol

Many young Vietnamese people like Korean pop music. T-Ara is a famous Korean band. When they

came to Vietnam, many young people went to the airport to welcome them. When the stars appeared,

the crowd yelled and cried. Some men cried, too. Someone took pictures of them and posted on the

internet. A picture with a man crying became popular and got a lot of comments. Later on, people kept

arguing about whether he should cry or not.












Do many young Vietnamese people like Korean pop music?

What is T-Ara?

What did people do when they came to Vietnam?

What did the crowd do when the stars appeared?

Did any men cry?

Did people take pictures of the crying men?

Where did people post them on?

What became popular and got a lot of comments?

What did people do later on?

Miss Ngoi Sao posing in bikini

Miss Ngoi Sao is a beauty contest in Vietnam. This contest is organized every year. This is the 4 th time

this contest is organized. Beautiful girls from all over the country participated in the contest by sending

their photos. The judges reviewed the photos and chose the most beautiful girls. 22 girls were chosen

to get into the final round. These 22 girls have been going through many activities. Yesterday afernoon,

the girls were wearing bikini and taking photos on a beach. They were very sexy and beautiful. On 31 st

of July, 2013, a special evening will be organized in Ho Chi Minh City and the winner will be announced.







What is Miss Ngoi Sao?

How ofen is this contest organized?

How many times has this contest been organized?

How can girls participate in the contest?


5. What did the judges do?

6. How many girls were chosen to get into the final round?

7. What have those 22 girls been going through?

8. What were the girls doing yesterday afernoon?

9. Were they beautiful?

10. When will the special evening be organized?

Mr. “who wants to be a millionaire?” doen’t believe in women

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” is a popular show in Vietnam. Mr. Tran Tien Thuc was a player in this

show recently. He passed the question number 9 and was facing question no. 10. If he answered this

question correctly, he would get 22 million VND. But he was not sure which answer was correct. He

asked for helps from 3 persons in the room. 2 women told him to choose A, 1 man told him to choose

B. The man said he was not very sure about his advice. Surprisingly, the player chose B instead of A. Mr.

Lai Van Sam asked him “why didn’t you choose A”. He said “When it comes to a decision, I don’t believe

in woman”. It was humorous. Lai Van Sam laughed. People laughed, too. Strangely enough, B was the

correct answer. Next day, the clip with his humorous answer became very popular on the internet.



1. Is “Who wants to be a millionaire?” popular in Vietnam?

2. What did Mr. Tran Tien Thuc do recently?

3. How many questions did he pass?

4. Which question was he facing?

5. What happen if he answered it correctly?

6. Was he sure which answer was correct?

7. How many people did he ask for help?

8. What did the women tell him?

9. What about the man?

10. Did the man say that he was sure about his advice?

11. Which answer did the player choose?

12. Why did he choose that answer?

13. Was it humorous?

14. Did people laugh?

15. Was B the correct answer?

16. Did he become popular?

A Vietnamese man turned a US county into a city of café

Buford is a small county in US. This county is very small. It has a small school, a gas station and a

convenient store. Only a family were living here. More than a year ago, this county was on sale. Its

starting price was US$ 100.000. But many people were willing to pay more to buy it. Finally, Mr. Pham

Dinh Nguyen, a Vietnamese business man, bought this county for US$900.000, almost 1 million dollars.

This year, he has changed the name into Phin Deli. In Vietnamese, “phin” is a tool to make coffee. Mr.


Nguyen wants to tell people in the world that Vietnamese coffee is very good. He is going to open a

free café in this county, too.



1. What is Buford?

2. Is this county small?

3. What does the county have?

4. Who were living here?

5. When was this county on sale?

6. What was its starting price?

7. Were people willing to pay more to buy it?

8. Who bought the county finally?

9. How much did he pay for that?

10. What did he change the name into?

11. What do people use “phin” in Vietnam?

12. What do Mr Nguyen want?

13. What is he going to do?

The second Starbuck café in Vietnam

Starbuck is a popular coffee brand in the world. Early this year, this famous café chain launched its first

store in Ho Chi Minh city. In the first two days, there were long queues. It took about 2 hours to buy a

cup of coffee. The price is not cheap, around 60 – 70 thousand VND per cup. Many teen agers came.

They seemed to be excited about this brand.

The second Starbuck coffee shop has just been launched recently. However, it was not crowded. There

was no queuing. There were not many teen agers either. Most of the customers were foreigners and

office workers in the buildings nearby. It looked like teen agers were no longer excited about it.



1. Is Starbuck a popular brand in the world

2. What did the café chain do early this year?

3. Were the long queues in the first two days?

4. How long did it take to buy a cup of coffee?

5. Is the price cheap?

6. How much is the price per cup?

7. Who came?

8. How did they seem?

9. What has just been launched recently?

10. Was it crowded?


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Ms.Tưng entering the show biz

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