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Study on customer service for exported shipment at SUN North VN Transport JSC

which ensures that the official bill of lading can be obtained whenever the

customer wants.

3.2. Weakness

Human resource

The company's staffs are more professional when dealing with FCL

cargoes than providing services to LCL cargoes. Thus, during the

working process of LCL cargoes, it may have some mistakes related to

document, information on the B/L or in customs clearance procedures.

• Human resources are not intensively trained to improve their skills. They

usually attend only short training sessions. Some have difficulty working

with foreign partners because of not good English skills

Cost and promotion activities

For some shipping lines, the company has not been able to successfully

negotiate low freight. Therefore, when goods are shipped through this

shipping lines, the enterprises will not be able to take charge of the

freight they will provide to the customers, thus causing revenue to be

affected. This affect to customers’ satisfaction as well.

• There is no specialized department to carry out trade promotion activities

and market research so these activities’ results are still simple and not


3.3. Opportunities

The development and economic integration of the country and global trade

have brought new market wide and the demand for transportation is

increasing. This is a chance for SUN NORTH V.N as well as other shipping

companies to expand their business and achieve greater returns.

• Investors as well as foreign customers are increasingly paying attention to

the Vietnamese market. So opportunity of having the contracts of sale with

foreign companies is higher.

3.4. Challenges

For the above opportunities, not only SUN NORTH V.N but also all the other

transportation enterprises can grasp, so the company must face intense

competition. SUN NORTH V.N need have a solid development strategy to

take advantage in the market.

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Study on customer service for exported shipment at SUN North VN Transport JSC

According to commitments when entering WTO, Vietnam allows 100%

foreign-owned logistics service businesses to operate in Vietnam. These are

businesses with great financial potential, high quality human resources,

which creates competitive pressure not only for the SUN NORTH V.N but

also for all freight forwarding businesses in general. In addition, these

foreign enterprises with good wages and welfare also bring the risk of losing

qualified human resources from domestic enterprises. Therefore, along with

the development of competitive strategies, the company also needs to pay

more attention to their employees.

• The demand of customers is increasing because they have more choices from

different businesses.

3.5. Recommendations

Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the company in general and the

export process in particular, as well as the opportunities and challenges that SUN

NORTH V.N is facing, I have made some suggestion as below.

The company should pay attention to customer needs, keep business

relationships. Especially the company should regular get survey customer's

opinion to catch the customer's point was not satisfied with the service of the

company to be able to promote strengths and improve the service. Enhance

the customer's credibility by raising the sense of responsibility of the


• The company should use some preferential pricing policies such as discount

policy for long-term customers and regular customers of the company. If

these policies are implemented well, the company will be able to ensure the

familiar customers and also can attract new customers.

• Enhance market research, find new customers, have affordable pricing

strategies to persuade them to become regular customers.

Promote advertising on the company in the media. Consider completing the

company's own website to introduce the company to those interested in

finding out.

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Study on customer service for exported shipment at SUN North VN Transport JSC


In the internship period at the Sun North V.N Joint Stock Company, with the

enthusiastic support of the leaders and employees of the company, I had the

opportunity to work in a professional environment, where I can observe more

closely at the process of implementing export services of the company, better

understand the detail of service for export shipment. That is a process from book

free space for cargo on the ship to that cargoes are containerized and to be loaded on

the ship. Although that is not a complicated process, I also can recognize that how

reality is different from what I have learned.

During the internship, I have learned more a lot about solving the problems

that customers require such as negotiating with the shipping company to extend the

detention time for empty container, how to deal with customers when the ships are

subject to roll, resulting the cargo cannot arrive at the port of destination. In

addition, Internship time have given me the opportunity to go to the reality of work,

observe one of the company's services, give me more practical experience, work

skills, and information to complete the report… It is very useful knowledge to serve

for my future work.

After spending a month studying the company, I also rely on what I see to

point out the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities then come up with

solutions that will help the company grow. However, in the process of practicing

and learning the information, there are inevitably shortcomings, due to limited

knowledge and diversified material, so I hope lectures will give the comments to

improve the report better in the next internship.

Đỗ Đức Toàn – GMA06

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Study on customer service for exported shipment at SUN North VN Transport JSC


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Đỗ Đức Toàn – GMA06

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Study on customer service for exported shipment at SUN North VN Transport JSC


Work order (Appendix 1)

Booking Confirmation (Appendix 2)

Packing list (Appendix 3)

Release order (Appendix 4)

Certificate of Origin (Appendix 5)

Master Bill of Lading (Appendix 6)

House Bill of Lading (Appendix 7)

Shipping Instruction (Appendix 8)

Đỗ Đức Toàn – GMA06

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