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* Coefficient of profit after tax to assets (ROA) was 0.29 in 2013, meaning that for every 100 properties are at potentially lucrative copper is 29 higher than in 2012 is 18 copper while the eastern profitability is much higher at 39 compared to 2 in 2012

* Coefficient of profit after tax to assets (ROA) was 0.29 in 2013, meaning that for every 100 properties are at potentially lucrative copper is 29 higher than in 2012 is 18 copper while the eastern profitability is much higher at 39 compared to 2 in 2012

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Table 4.15: Asset Turnover.

- Maintain a good level of gross profit in difficult times and have policies to control

costs better through increased profit margin on sales.

Now that we see that the strength of the profitability of equity of the Company has

increased over 3 years is due to the profit after tax of the company and increase net revenue of

the Corporation is increased in accordance with the law, besides the equity ownership has

increased over the years which suggests that the company has funded quite good and effective


In 2014 the economic situation, with major macroeconomic fluctuations and

unpredictable as hyperinflation, frozen credit markets, recession ... so many businesses,

including business activities in the same field has suffered huge profits decline. However, the

results of the Honda business in 2014 showed that the profitability of the company are very

impressive improvement compared to the same period last year. This shows that the assertion

of product quality, reputation, has helped Honda increase its competitive position, market share

of greater than other companies in the same industry.


Financial strategy for the company Honda.

To assess the level of management, executive producer of a business enterprise, it is used as a

measure of production efficiency of the enterprise business. Production and business

effectiveness is evaluated on two angles: economic efficiency and social performance. Within

the scope of corporate governance, it is primarily interested in economic efficiency. This is an

economic category reflects the utilization of corporate resources to achieve the best results with

the most reasonable cost. Thus the economic resources especially funds of enterprises have a

huge impact on the efficiency of production and business enterprises. Therefore, improving the

efficiency of capital is required nature and often mandatory for businesses. Efficiency rating

which will help us to see the performance in general business management and in particular the

use of capital.

Above, we have analyzed each common traits, individual financial situation of Honda Motor

Company. From this analysis, partly to see the positive aspects and limitations exist. For the

positive side, the enterprise should continue to develop further, while the surface is limited to

strive to find remedies.

To survive was difficult to stand even more difficult. Now, the problem is now overcome the

difficulties incurred in the enterprise. These problems hinder the path of business development.

From that judgment, plus an understanding of the business situation, 8 group strongly suggest

some recommendations to the desired small contribution to the development of the whole


4.4.1. Measures to increase the efficiency of fixed capital.

Fixed asset management: production line layout reasonable, mining capacity and improve

operating efficiency of machinery, solving all the fixed assets no longer needed or outdated also

consistent with the scale of production to recover fixed capital investment more modern

machinery and equipment to improve product quality. Or put into rotation, added to liquid

assets to produce more business.

For effective use of fixed capital in production and business activities, often need to implement

measures to not only preserve but also to develop the fixed capital of the business after each

business cycle. The essence is to ensure monetary amounts of capital to the end of a cycle, with

the number of capital can now withdraw or extend the amount of capital that businesses spent

initially to purchase investment fixed assets at current prices.

Must appreciate the value of fixed assets, facilitate accurate reflection of the state of affairs of

fixed capital, to preserve capital. Timely adjustments to facilitate exactly calculation of

depreciation expense, not to lose WC.

Determining the right time to use the fixed assets to determine the appropriate level of

depreciation, not to lose capital and minimize adverse h¬uong image of intangible


Improving the efficiency of fixed assets of the business is all about time and productivity.

Timely disposal of fixed assets are not needed or did h¬u damage, no excessive reserves of

fixed assets not needed.

Well done maintenance mode, repair, preventive fixed assets not to happen down of fixed

assets hu¬ tr¬uoc h¬u down time or unusual damage to stop production. In the case of fixed

assets to conduct major repairs to consider, carefully calculate its performance. That is,

considered between costs should spend the first new shopping t¬u fixed assets to make a

decision accordingly.

Enterprises must actively implement measures to prevent risks in the business to limit losses of

fixed capital due to the objective reasons nhu¬: property insurance, the financial reserve fund ...

4.4.2. Measures to increase the efficiency of working capital.

Through analysis of the use of working capital Honda Motor Company in recent years shows

the capital needs of the company is very large but regular working capital is not sufficient to

meet demand.

So that led to the company to raise outside capital to finance working capital needs. Working

capital deficiency caused major debt situation. To avoid this situation when the construction

company working capital levels should be based on the specific situation in tr¬uoc of a

construction company working capital norms consistent with the financial situation of

enterprises do not cause shortage of working capital. At the same time to build working capital

norms for each quarter, each month to plan production suitable not wasters in the period.

While the Company's working capital, the company still missing other objects are still

occupied, this is not reasonable. So the debt collection business in the future need of a resolute

d¬uoc. In addition, businesses should also consider the liabilities for each customer t¬uong. If

customers have low prestige, now wants to sell should not be too wide to avoid risk. For trade

credit policy th¬uong reasonable business need to assess your level of risk or reputation of the

client. Need to carefully evaluate the impact of policies sold subject to corporate profits.

To assess the level of risk can be found in the sale of products can now consider the aspects

nhu¬ prestige level of the customer, general financial condition of the company, the value of

the products used to guarantee credit. In general, for each policy sold subject to business need

careful assessment in accordance with the following main parameters:

- Number of products l¬uong d¬uoc expected consumption.

- Selling price.

- The additional costs incurred for increasing the debt.

- The discount accept.

- The average debt collection period for the debt.

- Predict the number of customer accounts receivable.

The remedies and limited customer accounts receivable:

- Create a good image for your business to meet customer demand for such products quality,

delivery on time ... from which customers can easily arise goodwill in their business


- Reduced price for customers ordering in bulk, or early payment

- Reminders, urging customers to their debts to their business when they are due.

- Agreement with the payment if the material is not enough business to pay cash but with

materials stored in the warehouse, it helps firms solve a debt capital for inventory and helps

businesses their part to save costs when buying materials outside the business conditions are

common materials.

- If your debts are too many businesses that can not afford the payment, then we can use that

debt to contribute capital to the business.

- Check the level of credibility and solvency of their business prior to selling debt.

- For bad debts should use measures such as reducing and reschedule if the solvency of

troubled businesses, sold debt for the debt buying business, legal use tool.

- At the same time in the stage of working capital reserves also make efficient use of working

capital decreases. When determining production needs during the early years of the company

should determine the appropriate reserves and rapid liberation of reserve assets if there is


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* Coefficient of profit after tax to assets (ROA) was 0.29 in 2013, meaning that for every 100 properties are at potentially lucrative copper is 29 higher than in 2012 is 18 copper while the eastern profitability is much higher at 39 compared to 2 in 2012

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