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B. Language content & preparation

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* Methods and techniques: TWc/individual-

guessing/transtation/realia/What and where

* Competences: memory words , meanings

and pronunciation

- Teacher elicits the words from students.

- Follow the seven steps of teaching vocab.

-Checking : What and where

*Check : Matching :

- Methods and techniques: TWc/individualmatching

- T asks One student goes to the board and

match the others correct .

2.T or F prediction .

* Methods and techniques:individual/groupsPrediction

* Competences: Work out

Ask Ss to discuss in groups .

Call on some groups to give their predictions.



1.Listen and read:

*Methods and techniques: flash lighting

* Competences: checking and remarking

Ask Ss to look at the book and listen to the

tape then check their predictions .

Call some Ss to give the answers .

Correct and give the correct answer

I.New words

shark(n) : cá mập

dolphin (n) : cá heo

turtle (n) : con rùa biển


(n) : lối ra


(n) : loại


(n) : mũ lưỡi trai

poster (n) : tấm áp phích


(n) : con cua

*Matching :


con rùa biển


cá mập


mũ lưỡi trai


tấm áp phích


lối ra


con cua




lối ra

II.T or F prediction

a. The Robinsons went to TN

aquarium .

b. They saw many different

types of fish .

c. Liz bought a little turtle .

d. They had lunch at a food stall.

e. Liz ate fish and crab .

III. Practice

1. Check T/F


a. T b. T c. F


d. T


2.Answer the questions: (p.88)

* Methods and techniques: Asking and

2.Answer the questions:



* Competences: read for details

a/ Her parents.

? Run through the questions.

b/ They saw sharks, dolphins,

- Make sure students understand them.

turtles an

and many different

? First, answer the questions without reading

types of fish .


the text again.

c/ They bought a cap and a

? Exchange your answer with your partner. poster.

-Have Ss work in pairs .

d/ Yes, she did. Liz wore a cap

-Call on some pairs to ask and answer in front all day.

of the class .

e/ Yes,They ate fish and crab.

-Correct and give the correct answers :

f/ Because She remember the

beatiful fish in the Aquarium.

3.Re-telling the story:

* Methods and techniques: story, text,

3.Re-telling the story

picture retelling.


* Competences: remind the main points of the 1. The Robinson family went to


Tri Nguyen Aquarium.

2. They saw many type of

- guide Ss to retell the trip of the Robinson different fish.

base on the pictures p.88

3. they went to a souvenir shop

- let them do in groups

4. Mrs Robinson bought a

- goes around and help them to practise

poster and Mr Robinson bought

- call some S to retell and give feedback

cap with a picture of a dolphin

on it.

5. They had lunch at a foodstall.

Mr and Mrs Robinson ate sea

food, but Liz didn't. She ate

noodles instead.


* Speaking: My memorial trip

* Methods and techniques: real story /self


* Competences: creation ,transformation


- ask some ss to retell their trip last summer

using the past simple.


- give marks

- learning by heart the new



- writing your trip last vacation

in notebooks.

- learning by heart the new words

- learning by heart 10 verbs in

- writing your trip last vacation in notebooks. the past tense.

- learning by heart 10 verbs in the past tense. - doing the ex 1,2,3 in A in

- doing the ex 1,2,3 in part A in notebooks


V. The effectiveness of the experience initiative:


Class empirical method is to apply innovative tips on all bring better results

than the class teacher by pointing to all the usual forms: Check oldest treatment

homework ....

Applying these tips in all forms has attracted the interest of students, creating

the need to communicate, encourage students to think about the content and

theme of the lesson. In addition, we also help them review the old knowledge,

promoting positive, active learners, providing superior results. However, teachers

need to apply all the tricks in a flexible manner, in accordance with each student

objects, each specific lessons, to achieve the highest results.

Applying initiative to teach in the other classes, I see very passionate students

who are interested in new lesson and bring better results than the normal lessons.

After a period of application "Some tips on teaching English vocabularies in

grade 7 effectively", I realize that most students are able to read along text and

some weak students can pronuonce correctly.

In addition to all the students in a lively students are always proactive, explore,

diligent in learning English, learning of the children had improved significantly.

Most of them are interested in learning English. Besides that:

- Students are more and more excited to eaach period.

- The lessons become more lively and vivid.

- Students can understand right content at the class lessons.

- Calculate the initiative and creativity of the children increased significantly.

- Weak students can use words to make simple sentences.

Number of


Translate into

Translate into English








C. Conclusion

I. Conclusion:

By doing this subject I understand more about the effectiveness of the

application of the procedure in all of the subjects taught in English. Through

direct research and teaching program in grade 7, I noticed that the procedure

works in all not just for fun, color and contrast as you like, but they should be

recognized as the work is indispensable for each lesson. We must know tips on

choosing an appropriate post that method it will determine largely the result of

the lesson.

From the practical teaching, I have explored and improved teaching methods

only practical significance when applied to specific hours of coursework. The

teachers need to grasp that he is taught how to use the tips on how to fit all, to

put the question to them to help them review the knowledge learned in prior to

applying to all new posts.


Through the study of the procedure in all. I see the importance of it in the

teaching of Foreign Languages in general and English in particular subjects,

which directly affects the quality of teaching hours. I believe that if you continue

to experience this initiative seriously, through the process of teaching, the quality

of learning in the English department will get better results.

With the experience of years of teaching experience in secondary school, I

was raised on experiences and thoughts on one aspect has been used a lot in the

teaching of English . Come here I also wish colleagues to read and contribute

additional ideas useful and valuable to this topic more complete.

Through teaching, I have learned some small experiences in teaching yourself

the following:

In the teaching process there will be very difficult for both teachers and students

because of reasons: difficulty concentrating students seriously by the actors

around or is not liked by the school. However, teachers need to calmly handle the

situation a logical way and best to avoid stressful for lessons. For this, I have

learned a number of principles to ensure more effective learning, in which

teachers and students need to make a positive way:

- Prepare lesson carefully before class.

- Distribute the time of lesson to fit and balance.

- Teachers and students should be active in each task as well as in each part of

the lesson.

- Teachers should have good visibility of students in the class.

- Encourage students to learn actively in the learning process. Even if they read

uncorrectly or give wrong answers, the teacher should actively encourage

children not to lose confidence.

- Check out all of the students through each lesson in practice.

- Instruct students learning at home.

- Students should prepare carefully before class.

II.Recommendations and suggestions:

Above is the idea of personal experience I apply for English teaching more

effective for students in junior high school. Over the years, my work has used

the method to enhance the acquisition of knowledge of students. I hope that this

article can contribute a small part of the effort to innovate teaching methods of

English in secondary schools. From the practical difficulties in terms of

teaching, time to write initiatives are tight and not much experience in this

article should not avoid these errors. I look forward to the feedback from the


scientific council of the school, peers for this article is to further improve the

practicality and higher.

I sincerely thank you!


Tho Xuan, May 2018.

I declare this is the first initiative

that experience I write, do not

copy someone else’s.



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