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R&D, Operations and Marketing Interfaces

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Exhibit 8-5: Interfaces among

R&D, Operations, and Marketing

Chapter 8

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5. Regionalization of Global

Marketing Strategy

• Regional strategies are the cross-subsidization of

market share battles in pursuit of regional

production, branding, and distribution advantages.

– Issues in regionalization of global marketing


Chapter 8

Cross-Subsidization of Markets

Identification of Weak Market Segments

Use of “Lead Market” Concept

Marketing Strategies for Emerging Markets

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6. Competitive Analysis

• SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,

and Threats) Analysis (See Exhibit 8-6.)

– A SWOT analysis divides the information into two

main categories: internal and external factors.

– Based on SWOT analysis, marketing executives can

construct alternative strategies.

– The aim of any SWOT analysis should be to isolate

the key issues that will be important to the future of

the firm and that will be addressed by subsequent

marketing strategy.

Chapter 8

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Exhibit 8-6: SWOT Analysis

Chapter 8

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